Gender Male
Hair color Black and Blue
Eye color Teal
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Kylie
Family Duncan (brother)
Friends Duncan, Raven, Kylie, Arnold, Ezekiel, Gwen, José
Enemies Henry, Alejandro
Portrayed by RiMiEg007

Alex is a new contestant competing in Season 8 and Season 10. He is labeled The Pyromaniac. He is Duncan's older brother. He will be the secondary antagonist in season 8 and main antagonist of season 10. He will in a relationship with Kylie.

Life before Total DramaEdit

Alex and Duncan grew up together, spending most of their time playing pranks on the nerdy kids and burning down trees. After a while, Alex started to straighten up and became a model student at his school, much to Duncan's disappointment. Alex decided to follow in his families footsteps and became a cop, unlike Duncan who stayed a delinquent. After three years of putting criminals behind bars, Alex slowly went back to his old pyromaniac habits and burnt down three police stations and a forth of a forest. He was arrested, discharged from the police force, and spent a year in prison. After he was released, he spent a few months working at the Galleria Mall, but had a hard time keeping a job. After getting banned from the mall for accidentally burning down a sports store, he decided to apply for Total Drama after seeing Duncan on his TV.