Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Naomi
Family Daniel (father)
Friends Vin, Alex
Enemies TBA
Portrayed by Chwiis

Arnold is a new contestant competing in Season 10. He is labeled The Ex-intern. He is frequently seen as an intern in Season 1-Season 9 as Chris's personal intern. He became a contestant after Total Drama: Revenge of Pahkitew Island when Vin convinced him to quit and apply as a contestant for Season 10. Unlike Vin, Arnold is on better terms with Chris, as Arnold is the only intern Chris treated decently.

Life before Total DramaEdit

Arnold has a normal childhood. However, all of that ended when his parents got divorced when he was 13 years old and him mother abandoned him. He became a pizza delivery man at his father's pizza parlor so he would earn some money. He worked there until he was offered to be Chris's personal intern on Total Drama.



  • Arnold is the only intern to get special treatment.