Screaming Snakes
Killer Greensman
Team Pythagoras
Do-Gooding Dolphins
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: TDI Aftermath I
TDA: Platoon 1986
TDWT: London Luck
Place TDI: 24th
TDA: 16th
TDWT: 26th
TDAS: 10th
Friends Tyler, Geoff, Scott
Enemies Heather, José, Chris McLean, Duncan, Zoey, Lightning, Staci
Portrayed by TDI: Various
TDA AssyrianAsylum
TDWT: Teamdarkfan4


Courtney is a contestant in our Roleplay . 

Life before Total DramaEdit

Courtney is very excited to be a part of Total Drama Island. She thinks it's the perfect stepping-stone on her path to greatness. She's a huge fan of competition. She's already a published author having written the award-winning book Total Triumph for Teens. Courtney has immense respect for anyone in authority; parents, teachers, the local crossing guard. In return, they all think she's a really sweet girl. She puts on a good face after all. Courtney also prides herself on politeness and courtesy because you'll never know who you'll meet on your way up the ladder of success, and Courtney plans to reach the top! While she feels strongly that we need rules in society for it to run smoothly, she also believes that you need to break the rules to get things done (or win). The theory is most evident that her bedroom is covered with trophies, ribbons, and plaques. She has never lost anything in her life. Her motto is "If you can't come in first don't come in at all." This is why she joined Total Drama Island, she feels it's a smaller version of the world. If she can win there than it proves she can win in life, which she already has, so she'll definitely win there - but still she'd like the $100,000 to prove it. When asked if she looks forward in meeting new friends as part if the experience, Courtney said she already has enough friends.

Total Drama IslandEdit

She was a good competitor in the season, helping her team with her skills. However in TDI Aftermath I, she was voted out because nobody liked her.

Total Drama ActionEdit

At first, Courtney was not a part of Total Drama Action, but won a place in it during TDA Aftermath I. Along with Geoff, she debuted in Platoon 1986 and was placed on the Killer Greensman. However, she was voted out in the same episode, leaving the day she arrived.