Screaming Snakes
Heroic Hedgehogs
Team rehtaeH
Venomous Vipers
Noxious Cats
Do-Gooding Dolphins
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Greenish Blue
Eliminated TDI: Merging is Only the Beginning!
TDWT: Oui My Friends
TDROTI: Chef's Mutant Dinner Hunt
TDROTI: The Treasure of the Sierra... or is it Chris's?
TDAS: The Big 100th
Place TDI: 13th
TDWT: 30th
TDAS: 21st
Relationship Vin
B (broken up)
Friends Vin, B, Cody, Dakota (one-sided on her side)
Enemies Scott, José, Heather, Ezekiel, Mal, Chris McLean, Staci
Portrayed by TDI: Scottney + Fang
TDWT: Cody 2015 & Ethan Oka
TDROTI: IHeartHeather4Ever & Heozaki
TDAS: Cody 2015

Dawn is a contestant on our roleplay.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Dawn was quiet for most of the season, but she was helpful in some of the challenges. She was somewhat protagonistic, and was determined to win. However, she was voted out in Merging is Only the Beginning!, along with Owen and Scott.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Dawn did not participate in Total Drama Action and was a member of the peanut gallery.

However, in the finale, she snuck onto the bus and was chosen by Duncan to be one of his helpers.

Although she did help Duncan, but she also annoyed everyone by reading their minds and announcing their thoughts to the whole world, which especially annoyed Ezekiel and Heather.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Dawn was one of the 27 contestants chosen to participate in Total Drama World Tour.

During Welcome to the World, she decided to go alone, and used Fang to help her get to the mainland. She came in second place, beaten by Ezekiel, Gwen, and Duncan, who tied for first.

In Geezers of Giza, José chose Dawn to be on Team rehtaeH, thinking she would be useful. Dawn didn't do much during the challenge, but managed to cross the line before Courtney.

In Oui My Friends, Dawn stated that she wanted to go to Yosemite National Park, which everyone agreed that that would be awesome. During the challenge, Dawn didn't do anything and continued to annoy Chris and her teammates. Team rehteaH lost, and Dawn was voted off. Everybody was happy to see Dawn get voted out, especially Chris.

Dawn is picked by Heather in the the finale as a helper and uses her skills to get Heather in the final 2. She is happy that she finally gets to fly an entire trip around the world in the finale since her not being able to before in the season due to her early elimination.

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

Dawn joins, then gets eliminated, then returns, starts a relationship with Vin, makes it to the merge, then gets voted off by Scott, gets mad at Vin in the aftermath, then becomes a helper in the finale and soon gets back with Vin and makes Scott lose as revenge. Season over.

Total Drama: All-StarsEdit

In The Good, The Bad, and The All-Stars, Dawn is happy to return to compete for another season and is placed on the Do-Gooding Dolphins along with her boyfriend, Vin. During the challenge, Dawn volunteers to push the carriage for her team since she doesn't like swimming anyway but mostly since she wanted to be a good team player. Dawn competes good in the challenge by pushing her teammates faster than Noah, but in the end it's not good enough to win since Jose ends up grabbing the correct key, making Dawn's effort pointless, so her team is the first team to lose. Fortunately, Chris declares this as a non-elimination round so Dawn is safe for the first episode.

The next episode, The Big 100th she is happy to be part of the 100th episode and soon joins the party that Chris throws, but is then sad that Vin is not happy. Dawn is then the first to notice that something is wrong with Chris, and soon gets shocked when Chris is captured. Dawn tries to compete her best in the challenge again since she knows that most people hate her and that if they lose again then she would be a goner for sure. Despite this, she doesn't find Chris first so she arrives too late to rescue him. The Dolphins then lose but Vin tells everyone that it's not Dawn's fault. It doesn't seem that everyone voted for Dawn, but thanks to Scott rigging the votes as part of his revenge on Dawn making him lose last season, it is Dawn who is eliminated, again making everyone happy, except Vin.