Killer Kittens
Lurid Lions
Killer Greensman
Screaming Cutters
Team Xtreme
Sinister Serpents
Gender Male
Hair color Black with Green Mohawk
Eye color Teal
Eliminated TDI: I'll Be Back... In the Wawanakwa Groove
TDWT: Legolas' Lavish
Place TDI: 3rd
TDA: 1st
TDWT: 5th
TDAS: 3rd
Relationship Zoey(broken up)

Gwen (broken up)

Family Alex (brother), father, mother, Aunt, cousins, and grandmother
Friends Ezekiel, Heather Tyler, Geoff, Jo, and DJ
Enemies Cody, Mike, Mal, José, Harold, Lightning, Courtney, Gwen, Scott.
Portrayed by RiMiEg007

Duncan, labeled The Delinquent, is a contestant on Total Drama. He is the tertiary antagonist of Season 1 and is one of the strongest members of his team.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Duncan first appears in Let's Git This Party Started!, along with the other 26 contestants. He is antagonistic towards most of the other contestants, except Gwen and Ezekiel. He is placed on the Killer Kittens team. He immediately starts a relationship with Gwen, and forms an alliance with Zeke. He wins his team the first part of the challenge, and also wins the second part with the help of Ezekiel.

In Skyball Experience, Duncan was the first of his team to skydive. He landed in the LZ with no problems. During the bowling challenge, he was picked as one of the bowlers and proved to be quiet good at bowling. During Lions and Tigers and José... Oh My!, he, Ezekiel and Heather make an alliance and debate on who else they should bring into their alliance. In Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark, Duncan teams up with Ezekiel, Mike/Manitoba Smith, Gwen, Zoey and Heather during the treasure hunt on Boney Island. He helps guard the Screaming Snakes' treasure that he and Manitoba stole. Duncan, along with Manitoba and Ezekiel were disappointed when they found out that the treasure was only chocolate coin candy. In The Asleep-A-Thon, Duncan was kept up all night long by José, due to Mal putting a bee hive in his pillow in the previous episode. During the sleeping challenge, Duncan made it all the way to the top 2, but was woken up by Owen farting. However, he was given immunity.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Total Drama World TourEdit

Life before Total DramaEdit


Duncan comes from a long line of cops. His brother is a cop. His dad is a cop. His mom is a cop. His uncle, aunt, grandma and cousins are cops. Like them, Duncan spends lots of time in police stations. The trouble is, Duncan feels more comfortable on the 'opposite side of the law', so his police station visits usually include a jail cell and a parole officer. Duncan's been getting into trouble since he could get his hands on anything that wasn't his. He bounced from school to school, racking up suspensions and expulsions -- and this was all pre-kindergarten! Yeah, Duncan is one tough costumer. He also has street smarts and isn't afraid to use them. While the Principals don't share his philosophy that breaking into the school's office in the middle of the night to doctor your report card is an innovative way to improve your grade-point-average, Duncan feels it illustrated entrepreneurial skills. Despite his cocky nature, social workers who have counseled Duncan will tell you that under all that bravado lies a misguided youth with a big, gooey heart. When Duncan isn't incarcerated or at a Parole Officer's appointment he looks for ways to curb his boredom - like signing up for Total Drama. Duncan figured it couldn't be much worse than 'the yard' at the Detention Center, and, who knows, it could be fun to mess with some heads. It's not like he's doing anything else this summer.


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