Killer Kittens
Lurid Lions
Killer Greensman
Team Xtreme
Do-Gooding Dolphins
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: N/A
TDA: Shyfall
TDWT: The Cold and the Beautiful
Place TDI: 1st
TDA: 9th
TDWT: 7th
TDAS: 4th
Relationship Gwen
Heather (broken up)
Friends Duncan, Gwen, Geoff, Mike, Mal, Manitoba Smith, Noah, Alejandro, and Tyler.
Enemies Cody, Scott, José, Heather, Beth
Portrayed by RiMiEg007

Ezekiel, sometimes also known as Zeke, is labeled The Home Schooled Guy and is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama: All-Stars. He is the self proclaimed main antagonist of Total Drama Island, and shows to be quite smart. Though he aspired to be a villain, and was responsible for a lot of eliminations throughout the seasons, is considered more of a protagonist.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Ezekiel first appears in Let's Git This Party Started!, along with the other 26 contestants. He seems dim-witted and obnoxious at first, but then reveals in the confession that he is quite evil and smart. He plans on forming as many alliances as he can so he can get further in to the game. He is put on the Killer Kittens and quickly forms and alliance with team-mate,Duncan, who seems to get along with him. Zeke also helped his team win the second part of the challenge, helping Duncan pick the right pile for the cabin parts.

In Skyball Experience, he is first seen in the hot tub with Duncan and Gwen. He then explains that he prefers to start alliances with Gwen, Mike and Heather. During the skydiving challenge, he showed to have knowledge of parachutes, as he helped Gwen deploy hers. He also showed to have much experience with bowling. He forms another alliance with Noah, and even tampered with the votes to save Noah from elimination, eliminating Beth. He then persuades Heather to share a room with him at the Nice Cabin.

In Lions and Tigers and José... Oh My!, Heather reveals that she has a crush on him. The pair and Duncan discuss who they should bring into their alliance. Heather and Ezekiel officially hook up in Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark and the two are very awkward about it at first, but they become more comfortable later on. After Heather was voted out in That is One Ugly Painting!, Ezekiel missed her, but continued on without her.

Ezekiel is put on the Lurid Lions in Eating After Midnight due to his villainous acts on the show.

In Little Host of Horrors!, Gwen and Zeke worked together during the challenge, they went off in private and the two shared a kiss! Luckily for them, there were no witnesses so both of them were able to continue their other relationships while still maintaining a secret crush for each other.

Ezekiel continues on as normal and manages to sneak his way into the final! He is able to swing momentum in his favor during the challenge and becomes the first winner of a Total Drama season when he defeats Cody!

In Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, Ezekiel angers Heather when he teams up with Duncan and Gwen instead of her, leaving her all by herself. He then refuses to help her in the challenge when she is struggling in the challenge. Heather confronts Zeke and breaks up with him, much to his surprise!

Total Drama ActionEdit

Ezekiel maintains his strong friendships with Duncan and Gwen, but becomes enemies with Heather. He is the first person chosen by Duncan to be on the Killer Greensman.

In Pirates of the Canadians, Ezekiel and Gwen agree to call off their secret relationship, but stay as good friends.

In Rooker: Portrait of a Serial Killer Ezekiel admits to Duncan about kissing Gwen, at first Duncan is furious, but Ezekiel apologizes and the two stay as friends. Duncan agrees not to tell Gwen that Ezekiel told him about the kiss.

In Ezekiel & Me, Noah realizes that Gwen is losing interest in Duncan and tells Ezekiel that this is his time to strike, however Ezekiel doesn't want to do anything until they are officially broken up.

Ezekiel hooks up with Gwen in Chef Race 2000 after she breaks up with Duncan. However, this angers Cody, as he is also wanting to get with Gwen.

In Shyfall Cody, Heather and José form an alliance to get rid of Ezekiel. That night, Cody was voted out, however, Chris announced that the reward from the previous challenge was that all ex Screaming Cutters are immune. Which meant that only Cody, Heather and José's votes (for Ezekiel) counted, thus eliminating Ezekiel.

In TDA Aftermath III, Zeke seems ok with his elimination, as it gained him more fans. He also says that he misses being with Duncan and Gwen, and hopes that either one wins. He leaves the interview early for other interviews with Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

Though Ezekiel doesn't compete in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, he appears in the Aftermath episodes.

He is mentioned by Scott in Back in the Toxic Groove, who was glad that Ezekiel wasn't competing in the season.

Ezekiel makes a cameo appearance in Hide and Zeke, where he is the seeker in the Hide and Seek challenge.

Total Drama: All-StarsEdit

Ezekiel will be a contestant on Total Drama: All-Stars, and will be on the Do-Gooding Dolphins team.

Life before Total DramaEdit

Ezekiel is really really REALLY excited to be on Total Drama Island. He doesn't usually get a chance to hang out with real, live kids. (He's used to the 3D ones he sees on TV). That's because his parents (both Home Economic teachers) think that it's best for their child to... "only be exposed to the finest sorts of people, and receive the highest standard of education." That's why Ezekiel's homeschooled. The only reason Ezekiel's parents signed him up for Total Drama Island is because their family doctor was concerned about his Vitamin-D Deficiency, so they were instructed to get him out of the house and into fresh air. Now he has to learn to be around other kids for the first time in his life. He's looking forward to this experiment (an experience with a socially useless guinea pig). The last time Ezekiel was in public was when he competed in the National Spelling Bee Challenge. He asked the third place girl if she weighed "enough" and told the second place guy that he'd pretty good looking if he wasn't so dirty. Both runners up swore at him in different languages. Ezekiel knows because he speaks 8 languages himself. The only he hasn't mastered is 'teenspeak', which explains why his boasting to the runners-up that they were just jealous because he won the Spelling Bee and 'licked' their butts, which got Ezekiel the biggest 'kicking' of his life. While Ezekiel may excel at every subject in home-schooling, only time will tell if he can handle the curriculum at Total Drama Island's 'School of Hard Knocks'.


  • Duncan and Ezekiel are best friends.
  • Ezekiel has dated two females throughout the seasons.
  • It is hinted that Ezekiel and Heather still hold attraction towards each other.
  • Ezekiel speaks 8 different languages, which is shown and used as a running joke in the seasons.
  • In Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, Ezekiel and Cody either place or are eliminated after each other.
    • Ezekiel won in Island, with Cody placing second
    • Ezekiel was placed ninth in Action, with Cody placing eighth.
  • In Total Drama World Tour, Ezekiel and Scott are responsible for each other's girlfriend's eliminations.