Killer Greensman
Team Pythagoras team killer
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDA: The Sprain
TDWT: The Sunshineing
Place TDA: 13th
TDWT: 17th tdct 29th
Relationship Izzy (broken up)
Various females (attracted)
Friends TBA
Enemies Izzy, Lightning jose
Portrayed by Mr.Duncan007

Justin is a contestant on our Roleplay.

Life before Total DramaEdit

From the moment Justin was born, he was a vision of loveliness. He was a test tube baby and his mother paid handsomely for that test tube. Justin has always been a looker. As a child, old ladies lined up to pinch those magnificent cheeks. This led to him becoming a successful child model and he hasn't stopped working since. His fifth grade teacher had to send him to the principal's office just so the rest of the class could get some work done. His only crime was looking so darn good. Justin's bone structure is currently being studied by the Italian branch of the Center for the Analysis of Breathtaking Features. He's a straight-A student, but there is a doubt to whether he earned a single one of those grades. Truly, Justin is more than a pretty face. He also has washboard abs. No, seriously, Justin is a good guy and volunteers at a retirement home. Those old ladies still try to pinch his cheeks. People just feel compelled to give Justin stuff for free so he doesn't have to work for a living like other mortals. For this reason, Justin will donate his winnings to his favorite charity, the Unattractive Looking People Wish Foundation. No one knows why he auditioned for Total Drama and no one really cares...they are just soooo glad he did.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Justin did not participate in Total Drama Island and was a member of the peanut gallery.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Justin was a very quiet competitor in Total Drama Action, seeming to care more about his looks than the game. He was placed on the Killer Greensman.

In The Sprain, Justin was kicked in the face by Izzy. Justin fell down and accidentally kissed Izzy. Justin said that it was the greatest kiss of his life and the pair started dating. Justin was voted out that night.

Total Drama World TourEdit