Screaming Cutters
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDA: Lights! Camera! ACTION!
Place TDA: 20th
Relationship José (one sided broken up)


Friends Gwen, José (one sided on Leshawna's side), Geoff
Enemies Heather
Portrayed by Vundabar00700

Leshawna is a contestant on our Roleplay. 

Life before Total DramaEdit

Leshawna is one bootyliscious shortie! She is large and in charge and everyone else might as well pack it up and go home "cause she came to win." She is as street smart as they come but put her in the woods and the girl is like a fish out of the water. Back home she can often be found strutting the halls at her school, rolling with her girlfriends and giving anyone who throws attitude her way all kinds of trouble. While most know better than to be gettin' all up in her bizness, there's always some clown who didn't get the memo. What Leshawna lacks in social graces, she more than makes up for in community service. She's a natural born leader, so she's always on the look out for troubled teens, which is why she volunteers three times a week at The Community Centre. To them, Leshawna's like a big sister. It's a role she enjoys since she wants to make sure they stay out of trouble and off the streets. And like her highschool homies, her surrogate siblings learned pretty quick that they can't pull one over on their Big Sistah! When one of them used her do-rag-as-a-dish-rag, Leshawna taught him the valuable lesson of how to check himself before he wrecked himself. But underneath all that attitude lurks a heart of gold, which is why Leshawna auditioned for Total Drama Island. She wanted to be a role model for kinds on the street and show that anyone can win if they give it their all. Trouble is, there ain't no street in the wilderness - just lots of trees and tons of mosquitoes. But Leshawna is excited to see how she'll go from "the hood" to "the wood"...and hey, now that she's here, she's here to win, y'all! Leshawna would just like to say that she represents and she's not ABOUT to go home early.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Leshawna did not participate in Total Drama Island, and was a member of the peanut gallery. She made a cameo in I Love the Smell of Burning Paintballs in the Morning! to demonstrate the challenge. During Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island she began an unhealthy crush on José

Total Drama ActionEdit

As soon as Leshawna arrived at the film lot she immediately began flirting with José. As a result, she was useless in the challenge. She was placed on the Screaming Cutters. That night, Leshawna expected that Heather would be eliminated however, much to her surprise, she was the one to ride the lameosine that night, leaving the day she arrived!