Screaming Snakes
Screaming Cutters
Team rehtaeH
Do-Gooding Dolphins
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde (dyed)
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI: Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark
TDA: Ezekiel & Me
TDWT: Turkish Delight
Place TDI: 26th
TDA: 10th
TDWT: 9th
Relationship Noah (married)
Family Noah (husband), Mother
Friends Beth, Tyler, Katie, Noah, Alejandro
Portrayed by TDI:LindsayLover11
TDWT: ThatAwesomeGuy24

Lindsay is a contestant in our Roleplay

Life before Total DramaEdit

Lindsay is proof that life is easier when you're drop dead gorgeous, but to be fair, mother nature balanced things by making her as sharp as a frosted cupcake. She's also a Daddy's girl and Daddy makes a lot of money. When he's not spending time taking care of his vintage Ferrari, he lavishes his "little chipmunk" with whatever her heart desires. Lindsay's Sweet Sixteen party cost more than your house. Lindsay doesn't have much in the way of plans for her future. She just wants to spend all of her waking hours prettying herself up for any cute guy who's willing to give her all of his attention. Her hobbies include primping, preening, plucking and posing in any nearby mirror to make sure she's still stunning. Lindsay also loves to chat on the phone, on-line or two whoever will listen. Generally speaking, anything that isn't too demanding for her brain. Lindsay is surprisingly athletic - MVP on her high school gymnastic teams (and she looks sooo cute in the outfit!). Her team-mates have to admit that Lindsay's not just pretty - she's pretty nice too (like a can of soda, sugary sweet and effervescent). Because of this, her mother fears Lindsay will be taken advantage of by "stronger" personalities. Usually Lindsay doesn't like things like "work," or "dirt," or "working in the dirt," but when she found out about the auditions for Total Drama Island she couldn't resist being on TV so that her gorgeousness could be shared with millions of people. If nothing else, Lindsay is generous.

Total Drama IslandEdit

She debuted in Skyball Experience did challenges pretty well... until Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark when she was eliminated for being useless and doing nothing.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Lindsay would often confuse things and make mistakes during challenges.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Lindsay starts off the season with getting married to Noah, much to everyones surprise.