Gender Female
Hair color Purple (dyed)
Eye color Black
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Friends Alex
Enemies Kylie
Portrayed by TBA

Raven is a contestant in Season 8 and Season 10. She is labeled The Everyone's Awkward Friend.


Firstly, her real name isn't Raven, in fact, no one really knows her real name besides her and her family. Raven goes by this name because it sounds cooler than her actual name. But enough about that. Raven is from Whitehorse, Canada. She is used to cold weather, able to just walk outside in 30 degree temperatures in just a tee-shirt and a skirt as if it were a normal summer day. One major flaw about Raven is she isn't very social. She likes to keep to herself and and be alone in her room. She isn't like this for no reason, it is because she has major trust issues and doesn't trust anyone outside her family. The only reason she is participating in Total Drama is because her parents signed her up so she would make friends and get over her issues. Unfortunately for her, she got accepted.