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Total Drama: The Roleplay
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This is the eighth season of Total Drama: The Roleplay by the Total Drama Wiki users. Anyone can join and roleplay as any of the 30 contestants in the series.



Boney Island TDBI

Boney Island as it appears in Total Drama: Boney Island

This is a elimination based competition where 20 contestants compete on a haunted island called Boney Island where each one of them will get eliminated an episode until three final campers remains on the island. Those three winners will then win a grand prize depending on their rankings.


Main article: Hall of Winners

There will be three winners in this season:

  • First place winner will win a $1,000,000 grand prize plus a free McLaren P1 and $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards
  • Second place runner-up will win $100,000 plus $1,000 worth of iTunes gift cards and a free 1974 Lamborghini Countach
  • Third place will win $10,000


  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA


Team Captain Team Name
TBA Boney Warewolves
TBA Skeletor Snow Leopards
TBA Cranial Bat Rats



There are characters in the series, each of them will be split into 3 teams. The teams will be chosen by 3 team captains. The team names will be the Boney Warewolves, the Skeletor Snow Leopards, and the Cranial Bat Rats

Post Episode 15Edit

The merge will take place during Episode 15.

Episode ListEdit

These are the roleplay episodes that will be played. All chats will be recorded for archival purposes and converted into a script.

Episode Title Date Time (EST)
1 "Bones" TBA TBA
2 "Welcome to the Bonehouse" TBA TBA
3 "The Scapula Sensation" TBA TBA
4 "A Broken Maxillae" TBA TBA
5 "That's Not Very Humerus" TBA TBA
6 "Someone Say Ribs?" TBA TBA
7 "Lemur! Not Femur!" TBA TBA
8 "Comical Clavicle" TBA TBA
9 "Trapezium Trap" TBA TBA
10 "Homer Vomer" TBA TBA
11 "What in the Name of Talus?" TBA TBA
12 "Sternum Rub-a-Dub-Dub" TBA TBA
13 "Lumbar Lumber" TBA TBA
14 "Full Frontal Bone" TBA TBA
15 "Calcaneus Calculus" TBA TBA
16 "Coccyx Pain" TBA TBA
17 "Sacrum Crumb" TBA TBA
18 "Patella Nutella" TBA TBA
19 "Mandible Demandable" TBA TBA
20 "The MetacarPALS" TBA TBA
21 "Vertebreaker" TBA TBA
22 "Capitate... Decapitate... Makes No Difference to Me" TBA TBA
23 "Zygomatic Zygomaniac" TBA TBA
24 "The Revenge of Regina Phalange" TBA TBA
25 "Radius Radicals" TBA TBA
26 "Ulna Trauma" TBA TBA
27 "Tibia Treachery" TBA TBA
28 "Fibula Fabula" TBA TBA
29 "You See Stones, I See Bones" TBA TBA
30 "The Bone-Picking Finale" TBA TBA

*NOTE* It is you responsibility to make it to the episodes. Failure to show up during the episodes will lead to a risk of elimination. The host will run the episodes at the scheduled time regardless of who shows up, so make sure you be there!


Episode Challenge(s) Winner(s)
1 Build Cabins out of cabin parts and bones. TBA

Elimination TableEdit

Main article: Total Drama Eliminations#Season 8
Episode Character Losing Team Rank 2nd Low
1 TBA TBA 20th TBA