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Total Drama: The Roleplay
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This is the second season of Total Drama: The Roleplay by the Total Drama Wiki users. Anyone can join and roleplay as any of the 20 contestants in the series.



Film Lot TDA

The Abandoned Film Lot as it appears in Total Drama Action

This is a elimination based competition where 13 contestants (with two arriving later) that competed on Total Drama Island return, joined by three new competitors compete on a film lot where they will be separated into two teams (each with a captain). Each episode the losing team will vote somebody off until nine competitors remain. Those nine will merge, making it every man for himself. The Final 9 will continue to fight for the grand prize (ONE MILLION DOLLARS! A Bugatti Veyron and One Hundred Thousand dollars worth of iTunes gift cards) until three final campers remains on the film lot. Those three winners will then win a grand prize depending on their rankings.


Main article: Hall of Winners

There will be three winners in this season:

  • First place winner will win a $1,000,000 grand prize plus a free Bugatti Veyron and $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards
  • Second place runner-up will win $100,000 plus $1,000 worth of iTunes gift cards and a free 2005 Mustang GT
  • Third place will win $10,000


  1. Duncan (Duncan) - User:RiMiEg007
  2. Gwen (Gwen) - User:Mr.Duncan007
  3. Heather (Heather) - User:Chwiis



All of the contestants competing in Total Drama Action (With the exception of Geoff and Courtney, who debuted later).

There are characters in the series, each of them will be split into 2 teams. The teams were be chosen by 2 team captains: Gwen and Duncan. The team names are the Killer Greensman and the Screaming Cutters.

Killer GreensmanEdit

Screaming CuttersEdit

Post Episode 16Edit

The teams dissolve.

Episode ListEdit

These are the Roleplay episodes that will be played. All chats will be recorded for archival purposes and converted into a transcript.

Episode Title Date
1 "Lights! Camera! ACTION!" February 14, 2014
2 "Pirates of the Canadians" March 14, 2014
3 "I'm Your Huckleberry!" March 14, 2014
4 "Rooker: Portrait of a Serial Killer" March 14, 2014
5 "Doctor What" March 15, 2014
6 "The Molded Compass" March 15, 2014
7 "The Clean Mile" March 28, 2014
A1 "TDA Aftermath I" March 28, 2014
8 "Platoon 1986" March 28, 2014
9 "The Perfect Disaster" March 29, 2014
10 "King Kong vs. Total Drama" April 11, 2014
11 "The Sprain" April 11, 2014
12 "The Teenstones" April 11, 2014
A2 "TDA Aftermath II" April 11, 2014
13 "Try Hard with a Vengeance" April 20, 2014
14 "Ezekiel & Me" April 20, 2014
15 "Chef Race 2000" April 21, 2014
16 "Shyfall" April 21, 2014
17 "Teen Tritons" April 23, 2014
18 "The Ways of the Dragon" April 24, 2014
A3 "TDA Aftermath III" April 24, 2014
19 "Rooby-Roo, Rhere Rre Rou!" April 27, 2014
20 "A Nightmare on Drama Street" April 27, 2014
21 "Gwen White and the Seven Dwarfs" May 9, 2014
22 "Game of Rock" May 9, 2014
23 "The Oddfather" May 9, 2014
24 "The Sulking Dead" May 10, 2014
25 "Hard to Thrill" May 10, 2014
A4 "TDA Aftermath IV" May 11, 2014
26 "Crashing Bashing M*A*S*Hing and Cashing" May 23, 2014
Special "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special" May 23, 2014

*NOTE* It is your responsibility to make it to the episodes. Failure to show up during the episodes will lead to a risk of elimination. The host will run the episodes at the scheduled time regardless of who shows up, so make sure you be there!


Episode Challenge(s) Winner(s) Genre
1 Find the key to the Film Lot Killer Greensman None
2 Find the buried treasure without getting shot by Chef and his squid gun Killer Greensman Pirate
3 Have a air soft gun dual, Save the "damsel in distress" Killer Greensman Western
4 Survive one night in the woods without getting "killed" by Chef Screaming Cutters Slasher
5 Fight "Aliens", travel through galaxies, steal treasure from aliens, then "go back in time" and make it to the phone booth at the end. Each team has 13 tries. Killer Greensman Sci Fi
6 One team is the adventurers, and the other team are the goblins. The goblins must stop the adventurers from completing their 'quest' Screaming Cutters Fantasy
7 Each team member must escape from their cells, regroup, and escape from prison. Killer Greensman Prison
8 Have an all out war Screaming Cutters War
9 Contestants have a BMX bike race through an earthquake simulator Screaming Cutters Disaster
10 Both teams must take down the animatronic monster armed with a weapon of their choice Killer Greensman Monster
11 The teams must face off against vampires (the eliminated contestants); last contestants standing wins for their team. Screaming Cutters Vampire
12 The two teams battle in a series of sport games, with prehistoric items. Killer Greensman Prehistoric/ Sports
13 Disarm a series of bombs set by Arnold and Vin. Killer Greensman Action
14 Each contestant must use their animal to help them through an obstacle course Everyone except Lindsay Animal Buddy
15 Have a go-kart race. Screaming Cutters Racing
16 Steal Chef's gold necklace from the safe without being caught Heather Spy
17 The teams must make their own identity, and then fight eachother! Duncan Super Hero
18 One on one fights in a knockout tournament Gwen Kung Fu
19 Someone is dead! Whodunnit? The contestant to solve the mystery wins Noah Mystery
20 Find a way back to the Film Lot from Camp Wawanakwa without being caught by Chef Heather Horror
21 Fight dragons, trolls, and ugly stepsisters to save a princess. José Princess
22 Each contestant must write their own single and perform them in front of judges Duncan Rock n' Roll
23 Rob a bank, then make a swift getaway without getting caught by the police Gwen Crime
24 All of the eliminated contestants are now "zombies", so get to safe zone in the "city" without becoming infected Duncan and Gwen Zombies
25 Someone from the final 3 is in a coma, so the rest of the final 3 must wake him/her up! Heather (disqualified) Medical
26 Pick a millionaire! Duncan Various

Elimination TableEdit

Main article: Total Drama Action Elimination Table
Episode Character Losing Team Rank 2nd Low Placing
1 Leshawna Screaming Cutters 20th Heather Non-Merged
2 N/A Screaming Cutters N/A N/A
3 Harold Screaming Cutters 19th Lindsay
4 Scott Killer Greensman Returns Duncan
5 Dakota Screaming Cutters 18th Lindsay
6 Owen Killer Greensman Returns Duncan
7 Alejandro1 Screaming Cutters 17th Mike
8 Courtney Killer Greensman 16th Duncan
9 Izzy Killer Greensman 15th Duncan
10 B2 Screaming Cutters 14th Cody
11 Justin Killer Greensman 13th Noah
12 Scott Screaming Cutters 12th Mike
13 Owen Screaming Cutters 11th Duncan
14 Lindsay3 Screaming Cutters 10th Heather
15 N/A Killer Greensman N/A N/A
16 Ezekiel4 9th Cody Merged
17 N/A N/A N/A
18 Cody5 8th N/A
19 N/A N/A N/A
20 Mike 7th N/A
21 N/A N/A N/A
22 Geoff 6th Gwen
23 Noah6 5th José
24 José7 4th Heather
25 Heather8 3rd Gwen
26 Gwen 2nd N/A
Duncan 1st

1: Alejandro was eliminated because Heather and José rigged the votes.

2: B was also eliminated because Heather and José rigged the votes.

3: Lindsay was automatically eliminated after coming last in the challenge.

4: Originally, Cody was meant to be eliminated, however it was later revealed he had immunity so only his, Heather's and José's votes (for Ezekiel) counted, thus eliminating Ezekiel.

5: Cody quit due to everyone being mean to him.

6: Noah was automatically eliminated after coming last in the challenge.

7: Heather beat José in the tie-breaker, so José was eliminated.

8: Heather disobeyed Chris' rules in the challenge, and was disqualified from the challenge and eliminated from the competition.