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Total Drama: The Roleplay
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This is the first season of Total Drama: The Roleplay by the Total Drama Wiki users. Anyone can join and roleplay as any of the 28 contestants in the series.



Camp Wawanakwa TDI

Camp Wawanakwa as it appears in Total Drama Island

This is a elimination based competition where 26 (with two arriving later) contestants arrive on an island called Camp Wakanakwa, and are separated into two teams. Each episode the losing team will vote someone out. One of the contestants will get eliminated until thirteen of them remain. The Remaining Contestant's teams will merge, making it every man for himself. The Final 13 will continue to fight for the grand prize (ONE MILLION DOLLARS! A Lamborghini Veneno and One Hundred Thousand dollars worth of iTunes gift cards.) until only three remain. Those three winners will then win a grand prize depending on their rankings.


Main article: Hall of Winners

There will be three winners in this season:

  • First place winner will win a $1,000,000 grand prize plus a free Lamborghini Veneno and $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards
  • Second place runner-up will win $100,000 plus $1,000 worth of iTunes gift cards and a free 2000 Camaro SS
  • Third place will win $10,000


  1. Ezekiel (Ezekiel) - User:RiMiEg007
  2. Cody (Cody) - User:Jakerz69
  3. Duncan (Duncan) - User:RiMiEg007



All of the contestants competing in Total Drama Island (With the exception of Lindsay and José, who debuted later).

There are characters in the series, each of them will be split into 2 teams, The Killer Kittens vs. The Screaming Snakes.

Killer KittensEdit

Screaming SnakesEdit

Post Episode 9Edit

Chris switches up the teams, creating new Hero and Villain themed teams.

Lurid LionsEdit

This team consists of the villainous contestants.

Heroic HedgehogsEdit

This team consists of the heroic contestants.

Post Episode 13Edit

The teams dissolve.

Episode ListEdit

These are the roleplay episodes that will be played. All chats have been recorded for archival purposes and converted into a script.

Episode Title Date
Unofficial Pilot "Welcome to the Island" November 10, 2013
1 "Let's Git This Party Started!" November 19, 2013
2 "Skyball Experience" November 21, 2013
3 "Lions and Tigers and José... Oh My!" November 23, 2013
4 "Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark" December 4, 2013
5 "The Asleep-A-Thon" December 6, 2013
Aftermath "TDI Aftermath I" December 7, 2013
6 "Food Flight!" December 20, 2013
7 "Up Up and... SQUIRREL!" December 20, 2013
8 "Peeing in the Wind" December 20, 2013
9 "Eating After Midnight" December 21, 2013
10 "Scott + Fang = Scang?" December 22, 2013
11 "That is One Ugly Painting!" December 22, 2013
Aftermath "TDI Aftermath II" December 23, 2013
12 "I Guess That's Why They Call Me Whiskers!" December 24, 2013
13 "Merging is Only the Beginning!" December 26, 2013
14 "Little Host of Horrors!" January 14, 2014
15 "Mr. Ratface and the Final 6" January 15, 2014
16 "I Love the Smell of Burning Paintballs in the Morning!" January 17, 2014
17 "The Sword is Mightier than the Pen" January 17, 2014
Aftermath "TDI Aftermath III" January 17, 2014
18 "I'm Back! Black and Back!" January 18, 2014
19 "I'll Be Back... In the Wawanakwa Groove" January 18, 2014
20 "The Wreak-oning Finale" January 19, 2014
Special "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island" February 14, 2014


Episode Challenge(s) Winner(s)
1 Run up the cliff, then run back down and build cabins. Killer Kittens
2 Go skydiving, then go bowling. Killer Kittens
3 A hike around the Island. Screaming Snakes
4 Go to Boney Island and look for hidden treasure. Killer Kittens
5 Each team has to eat a massive turkey (canceled); Each contestant must sleep as long as they can, last contestant to wake up wins for their team. Screaming Snakes
6 Each contestant must make Arnold a cake (canceled); Have a wicked food fight. Killer Kittens
7 Each team must construct a hot air balloon. Killer Kittens
8 The teams must race the hot air balloons from the previous episode. Killer Kittens
9 The new teams must eat as much food as they can, last contestant to get full or puke wins. Lurid Lions
10 Each team must choose a surfer; best surfing style wins. Lurid Lions
11 Each contestant must paint pictures; best painting wins. Heroic Hedgehogs
12 Find Chris's missing cat, Whiskers. Heroic Hedgehogs
13 Plan an awesome birthday party for Chris. Mike & Zoey
14 Survive a night in Chris's haunted cottage. Duncan & Mal
15 Build speed boats, then race them around the island. Duncan
16 Play a paintball game, with flaming paintballs. Ezekiel
17 Fence against rivals. Everyone except José, Alejandro, and Cody
18 Chef quit, convince him to come back. Duncan
19 Boxing with (Sasquatchanakwa, a bear, or Izzy) Cody
20 An obstacle course involving challenges from the past season. Ezekiel

Elimination TableEdit

Main article: Total Drama Island Elimination Table
Episode Character Losing Team Rank 2nd Low Placing
1 Cody Screaming Snakes Returns Beth and Heather Non-Merged
2 Beth Screaming Snakes 28th Noah
3 Cameron Killer Kittens 27th Brick
4 Lindsay Screaming Snakes 26th José
5 Geoff Killer Kittens 25th Brick
A1 Courtney N/A 24th Duncan, Brick
Ezekiel, José, and Scott
Tyler 23rd
6 Sierra Screaming Snakes 22nd Katie
7 Katie Screaming Snakes 21st José
8 Brick1 Screaming Snakes 20th N/A
9 Bridgette Heroic Hedgehogs 19th Cody
10 Izzy2 Heroic Hedgehogs 18th Harold
11 Heather Lurid Lions 17th José
A2 Harold N/A 16th José, Noah,
Duncan, and Ezekiel
Trent 15th
12 DJ3 Lurid Lions3 14th José and Noah
13 Dawn 13th José Merged
Owen 12th
Scott 11th
14 Zoey 10th José
B 9th
Noah 8th
Gwen 7th
15 N/A4 N/A José and Ezekiel
16 N/A N/A N/A
17 José5 6th Cody
Alejandro6 5th
A3 N/A N/A N/A
18 Mike7 4th N/A
19 Duncan8 3rd N/A
20 Cody 2nd N/A
Ezekiel 1st

1: Duncan won the challenge, and was able to choose who to vote off. He chose Brick.

2: Izzy blew up Chris's cottage. The Heroic Hedgehogs lost the challenge anyway, and Chris eliminated Izzy.

3: The Lurid Lions was the losing team, while DJ was on the Heroic Hedgehogs. DJ quit before José or Noah could be voted off.

4: José and Ezekiel were LOW, and José was voted off. But Chris revealed that it was a reward challenge, and that the elimination wasn't valid, saving José from elimination.

5: José was severely injured by Alejandro, resulting in him being removed from the show.

6: Mal tampered with the votes, eliminating Alejandro.

7: Chef (forced by Chris) chose to vote off Mike.

8: Cody won the challenge, and got to choose who to bring with him to the finale. He eliminated Duncan, seeing him as a bigger threat than Ezekiel.


  • The Killer Kittens, the soft, pathetic sounding team, was the tougher and stronger team who won almost every challenge. While the Screaming Snakes, the tough and strong sounding team was pathetic and only won twice.
  • The final 6 were all males.
  • José is the first contestant to be eliminated by injury.
    • José is also has the most LOW's, being 9 in this season.
  • Duncan's elimination is similar to Brick's elimination.
    • Ironically, Duncan was responsible for Brick's elimination, and Duncan was eliminated the same exact way.