Because we condone violence, Chwiis is running a WWE inspired game on the wiki's chat when we are not Roleplaying. Basically, 8 Total Drama characters fight in 1v1 matches in a knockout tournament. There will be 8 normal seasons of this, each with different characters. The 9th season will be an All Star season where all of the past 8 winners return. The winner of the final season will win $1 million!!!

This is the transcript of Season 1:

Match #1Edit

Eva V Cameron

Winner: Cameron

            Chwiis  ChrisWelcome Back to the World Wrestling Championship, I am your host, Chris McLean, up now is...

·         Chwiis EvaME!!!

            Chwiis ChrisAnd Cameron!

             Ethan Oka CameronWhat?!      

             Chwiis EvaI will crush you, little boy!

             Chwiis Chris And please welcome Vin... the referee

a     Chwiis Vin*sigh*

·          Ethan Oka CameronRef can i write my will first?

·         Chwiis VinUhh... no

·         Chwiis VinBegin

·          Ethan Oka Cameron ok

·          Chwiis Eva*Charges*

·          Ethan Oka CameronAah!

·          Chwiis Eva*knocks of cams glasses*  *crushes them*

·          Ethan Oka Cameron my glasses! Ok i just need to *touches Eva's foot*

·         Chwiis Eva Dont touch me nerd! *Picks up Cam and throws him out of the ring* *Jumps on Cam*

             Ethan Oka CameronArgh

·          Chwiis Eva*throws cam at vin*

·          Chwiis Vin HEY! EVA IS DISQUALIFIED!

zv   Stop *DING DING* Stop

·          Chwiis EvaWHAT?!!! *attacks vin*

       Chwiis Izzy*shoots eva with tranquilser gun*

·         Chwiis ChrisGreat! So Cameron advances to the next round!

·         Ethan Oka Cameron yay

Match #2Edit

Tyler V Lightning

Winner: Lightning

​      Chwiis ChrisOk, up next is Tyler and Lightning!

·         Ethan Oka TylerYeah! extreme!

·         Teamdarkfan4 LightningTime to show some Sha-Lightning

·         Chwiis Vin3, 2,1 begin

·         Teamdarkfan4 Lightning*Charges*

v·       Chwiis ChrisBattle of the jocks, who will pin who?

·         Ethan Oka TylerYeah! *trips over shoe*

v·       Chwiis Lightning*trips over tyler*

·         Ethan Oka Tyler*jumps on lightning*

·         Chwiis Vin1

·         Chwiis Vin2

·         Chwiis Vin...

            Ethan Oka Tyler3!

·         Chwiis Lightning*breaks free of pin*

·         Chwiis VinYou aren't the ref Tyler!

·         Chwiis Lightning*kicks tyler's shom-lom-doobily* *knocks him over*

            Ethan Oka TylerUrh!

·        Chwiis Lightning*pins*

·         Chwiis Vin1

·         Chwiis Vin2

·         Chwiis Vin...

            Ethan Oka Tyler*kicks*

·         Chwiis ChrisOooh! Tyler was just in time there!

·         Chwiis LightningWHY WONT YOU SHA-STAY STILL!

            Ethan Oka Tyler*takes off headband*

·         Chwiis Lightning*takes off shirt* *fumes* IT'S SHA-POUNDING TIME! *jumps onto tyler's shoulders*

            Ethan Oka Tyler*falls out of ring*

·         Chwiis Lightningsha-ow!

            Ethan Oka Tyler*elbowdrops lightning*

·         Chwiis LightningHey! time to end this! *pins*

·         Chwiis Vin1

·         Chwiis Vin2

·         Chwiis Vin...

            Ethan Oka Tyler*smacks lightning*

·         Chwiis Lightningow! *pins again*

·         Chwiis Vin1

·         Chwiis Vin2

·         Chwiis Vin...

·         Chwiis Vin3

zv   Stop *DING DING* Stop

            Ethan Oka Tyler*headbutts lightning*

·          Chwiis Vin Tyler stahp! It's game over now!

v·       Chwiis ChrisWow! Lightning wins the battle of the jocks and will advance to round 2!

·         Chwiis LightningSHA-YEA! *kisses biceps*

Match #3Edit

Noah V Harold Winner: Noah

 Chwiis ChrisUp next we have Noah and Harold!

 Chwiis ChrisThe winner of this game will face Cameron in round 2!

 Chwiis Noah*sarcastically* yay! you are sooooo going down

 Ethan Oka Harold*uses num-yo*

 Chwiis Vinno weapons alowed!

 Ethan Oka HaroldGOSH!

 Chwiis Vin3, 2, 1... begin!

 Chwiis Noah*sits in corner*

 Ethan Oka Harold*pushes noah out of ring*

 Chwiis Noahdude! seriously go away!

 Ethan Oka Harold*pins Noah*

 Chwiis Vin1

·         Chwiis Vin2

·         Chwiis Vin...

            Chwiis Noah*wriggles out*

            Ethan Oka Harold*tackles Noah*

             ChwiisNoah*falls over*  *gets back up*

            Ethan Oka Harold*jumps at Noah*

            Chwiis Noah*dodges* leave me alone!

            Ethan Oka Harold*flies over noah*

            Chwiis Noahwill you leave me alone if i pin you?

            Ethan Oka HaroldYes?

            Chwiis NoahFINE! *pins*

            Chwiis Vin1

·         Chwiis Vin2

·         Chwiis Vin...

·         Chwiis Vin3

zv   Stop *DING DING* Stop

           Chwiis ChrisNOAH WINS! He will face Cameron in the semi finals!

            Chwiis Noah*sigh* Great!

Match #4Edit

Gwen V Alejandro Winner: Alejandro

  Chwiis ChrisNext up is Gwen and Alejandro! The winner will face Lightning in the semi finals!

   Ethan Oka AlejandroYou're going down chicha!

 Chwiis GwenWhat! But he's massive!

  Chwiis ChrisDem's the rules Gwen!

 Chwiis Gwen*sigh* Fine!

   Ethan Oka Alejandro*pushes her over with one arm*

 Chwiis VinI havent said begin yet!

 Chwiis Gwenjerk!

   Ethan Oka AlejandroSorry. *helps gwen up*

 Chwiis Gwenhmmph!

 Chwiis Vin3, 2, 1... begin!

 Chwiis Gwen*gets on lane rope*

   Ethan Oka Alejandro

  • pushes gwen over*

 Chwiis Gwen*falls on floor* ouch!

   Ethan Oka Alejandro*pins gwen*

    Chwiis Vin1

·             Chwiis Vin2

·             Chwiis Vin...

        Chwiis Gwen*grabs Al's balls and squeezes them tightly* *gets out of pin*

                  Ethan Oka Alejandro*high pitched* Eep

         Chwiis Gwen*baby slaps* *trips Al*

                  Ethan Oka Alejandroow

         Chwiis Gwen*pins*

                Chwiis Vin1

·             Chwiis Vin2

·             Chwiis Vin...

                  Ethan Oka Alejandro*Kicks*

         Chwiis Gwen*falls*

                  Ethan Oka Alejandro*puts foot on*

                Chwiis Vin1

·             Chwiis Vin2

·             Chwiis Vin...

         Chwiis GwenUgh! I'm trapped!

·             Chwiis Vin3

zv   Stop *DING DING* Stop

                Chwiis ChrisAL WINS! He will face Lightning!

Semi Final #1Edit

Noah V Cameron

Winner: Noah

     Chwiis ChrisNow it's time for the 1st semi final between Noah and Cameron!

       Chwiis NoahWhat? Again!

    Ethan Oka Cameron*still in pain* I forfeight!

         Chwiis Vinseriously?

    Ethan Oka Cameronyes

   Stop *DING DING* Stop

     Chwiis ChrisWell I guess Noah wins, weak Cameron! He will now either face Lightning or Alejandro in the final!

Semi Final #2Edit

Alejandro V Lightning

Winner: Alejandro    

  Chwiis ChrisWho, speaking of which, are up next!

   Ethan Oka AlejandroLet's go Jock-o

  Chwiis LightningYou goin down, Sha-Spaniard!

    Chwiis Vin3, 2, 1... begin!

     Ethan Oka Alejandro*gets in lead ropes*

  Chwiis Lightning*tackles* *rebounds off rope*

    Ethan Oka Alejandro*kicks Lightning*

   Chwiis Lightning*king hits Al*

     Ethan Oka Alejandro*falls over

   Chwiis Lightning*pins*

    Chwiis Vin1    

   Ethan Oka Alejandro*kicks Lightning in the jaw*

  Chwiis Lightning*falls* sha-ouch!

   Ethan Oka Alejandro*pins*

    Chwiis Vin1

  Chwiis Lightning*throws Al off him* *side kicks Al*

   Ethan Oka Alejandro*headbutts*

  Chwiis Lightning*slips*

   Ethan Oka Alejandro*putts foot on*

    Chwiis Vin1

·             Chwiis Vin2

·             Chwiis Vin...

·             Chwiis Vin3

   Stop *DING DING* Stop

              Chwiis ChrisAlejandro wins! WHAT A KILLER FOOT PIN!

       Chwiis LightningSha-what! Aww my dad's gonna kill me!

              Chwiis ChrisJoin us after the break for the ultimate final: Noah V Alejandro!


Noah V Alejandro

Winner: Noah

·         Chwiis ChrisWELCOME BACK TO WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS! You join us right in time for the epic finale: Alejandro V Noah! 

             Ethan Oka AlejandroYoure going down runt

             Chwiis NoahYer, yer whatever...

              Chwiis ChrisNoah reluctantly pinned Harold and was then gifted a spot in the finale by Cameron! Alejandro however, used his deadly foot-pin to defeat both Gwen and Lightning! Surely Alejandro is the favourite here! Anyway, now they meet for one final showdown! Without further ado, let's begin! Over to you, Vin...

              Chwiis Vin3, 2, 1... begin!

              Ethan Oka Alejandro*kicks noah*

             Chwiis NoahHey! what the hell dude! 

              Ethan Oka Alejandro*foot pins noah*

               Chwiis Chrisooh... Al is pulling out his signature move early! Could this be it?

                Chwiis Vin1

·             Chwiis Vin2

·             Chwiis Vin...

                Chwiis Noah*scoffs* you know this is made of fake leather right? *rips it* *breaks free*

                Chwiis ChrisNOAH BREAKS FREE!

                Chwiis Noah*jumps on Alejandro* *pins*

                Chwiis Vin1

·             Chwiis Vin2

·             Chwiis Vin...

·             Chwiis Vin3

   Stop *DING DING* Stop

               Chwiis ChrisWell against all the odds, Noah has become our Season 1 champion! He will be coming back for the All  Stars season where he will get the chance to win $1 million! Anyway, that's all for now, please join us for Season 2 of  World Wrestling Championships!