Screaming Snakes
Heroic Hedgehogs
Team Xtreme
Do-Gooding Dolphins
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDI: TDI Aftermath II
TDWT: Senna's Six Victories
Place TDI: 15th
TDWT: 14th
Relationship TBA
Family Mother, Father, Helen (aunt)
Friends Duncan, José, Geoff, DJ, Owen, Gwen, Ezekiel
Enemies TBA
Portrayed by TDI:RiMiEg007
TDWT: Jakerz69

Life before Total DramaEdit

Trent is proud to say that he just got his motorcycle license. He loves to ride and can't wait to buy his own set of wheels so he can convert it to a chopper- just as soon as he gets his hands on some "scratch." Eventually, Trent's goal is to have his own bike shop where he can build super-cool choppers that are world renowned. Trent has never gone out of his way to "get" people to like him. He'd just rather chill and get a good view of everything going on in the world. He's a straight shooter who tells it like it is. He would never say he's the "cool guy." Trent is the kind of guy who gets girls and has the other guys admiring him. He's just too likable to hate. His guitar and skateboard skills seal his status as one cool compadre. In his junior high graduating class he was voted as "Most Mysterious and Irresistible." (It was later discovered that the Voting Committee was comprised completely of girls, all of whom dated Trent.) Despite his good looks and easy going matter, Trent is smarter than he's given credit for. Though his grades don't reflect it, his IQ is well above anyone's expectations, including his own. His Dad wished he would follow in his footsteps and become an accountant, to which Trent has four words... NOT - IN - THIS - LIFETIME! Trent auditioned for Total Drama Island because it sounded like a cool way to spend the summer...and $100,000 would make a nice down payment for that dream chopper.