Noxious Cats
Do-Gooding Dolphins
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDROTI: Let's Kill Cody
TDAS: 11th
Relationship Dawn
Bridgette (one sided attraction on his side, ended)
Friends Arnold, Dawn, Geoff, Bridgette, Cody, Ezekiel, Duncan, Lightning (mutual)
Enemies Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet, Noah, Scott, Heather, and José
Portrayed by Chwiis

Vincent, more commonly known as Vin. He is labeled The Chris Hater. Vin appears frequently through out Total Drama Island-Total Drama World Tour as one of Chris's personal interns. In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Chris decided that Vin should compete, due to the uneven amount of contestants. After Total Drama: All-Stars, he was hired back as an intern. He quit after Total Drama: Revenge of Pahkitew Island due to Chris's brutal torture towards him, Arnold, and the other interns. Because of this, he has a bitter hatred for Chris.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Vin made a brief appearance in Raiders of the Lost Boney Ark. He gave Mal and José maps for the challenge. He also made another brief appearance in The Asleep-A-Thon, where he brought out a massive turkey for the contestants.

Vin co-hosted the TDI Aftermath I with Geoff, since Brick and Bridgette were still in the competition and Blaineley didn't show up.

Vin was mentioned a few times in passing throughout most of the season, but was rarely seen. In Mr. Ratface and the Final 6, he is seen pulling a bunch of motor boat parts into a pile for the challenge. He is then sent by Chris, along with fellow intern Arnold, to go look for Cody after Ezekiel knocks him out so he wouldn't be able to compete in the challenge. He finds Cody and brings him to the infirmary. He is later seen giving José a paper bag after he hyperventilates from swimming a long distance.

Vin appears again in I Love the Smell of Burning Paintballs in the Morning!, where he is more miserable than usual. He is ordered by Chris to put a fire out that was most likely set by Alejandro shooting aimlessly at Duncan during the challenge. He catches on fire, and Ezekiel puts him out while Mal laughs at him. Cody asks if they should help Vin, with Chris exclaiming that he'll be fine. Vin walks away, presumably to the infirmary, and cries. However, before Vin can make it to the infirmary, there is a large explosion, which catches both Vin and Arnold on fire, which Cody puts out. Cody then takes Vin and Arnold to the infirmary. Neither he or Arnold are seen for the rest of the season.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Vin had a much more prominent role in Total Drama Action as an intern, though he doesn't appear until Doctor What, where he and Arnold are used for the challenge. Vin is seen to have grown more miserable and agitated with his job, and usually backtalks to Chris, which almost always results in a punishment for Vin.

In Doctor What, he exclaims that he hates his job after Chris brings him and Arnold in for the challenge, where they had to dress up as aliens. Chris, who has an mutual animosity towards Vin, makes him wear the "extra extra small alien costume", to which Vin calls Chris "sick" and asks about his paycheck. After Chris tells everyone that he is "the King Alien", Vin jokingly said that he was "more like the king douche", to which Chris hits him with a specter. Vin is seen getting injured multiple times during the challenge, and eventually shoots Chris out of frustration, which backfires as Chris shoots him multiple times in the face, making him pass out. He is not seen for the rest of the episode and is taken to the infirmary for the entire following week until he fully recovered.

Vin appears briefly in The Molded Compass, where Chris says the Vin was in the infirmary for a whole week and is fully recovered and that he can get him his Café Mocha, to which Vin says "not gonna happen", however ends up doing so after Chris yells at him to do it. Chris later jokingly says that Vin loves to get tortured, in which Vin sarcastically yells "yay". He doesn't appear for the rest of the episode.

In The Clean Mile, Vin and Arnold are once again used for the challenge, this time they must guard the teams' prison cells, Vin guarding the Killer Greensman and Arnold guarding the Screaming Cutters. In order to escape the prison cell, Heather distracts Vin by kissing him while José steals the cell door keys from him. Vin, tranced by the kiss, doesn't notice, but Heather then kicks him in the groin, and the Greensman escape. The Screaming Cutters try the same tactic, but Arnold, having witnessed what happened to Vin, knows better and pushes Gwen away after she kisses him.

Vin appears briefly in The Perfect Disaster, where he just brings out the BMX Bikes for the challenge.

He briefly appears again in King Kong vs. Total Drama, where Chris actually give him a decent job (controlling a giant animatronic monster), but after Vin acknowledges that Chris gave him a decent job, Chris quickly changes his mind and gives Arnold the job, and sending Vin to clean the communal toilets, much to his displeasure.

Vin and Arnold have a brief and humorous role in Try Hard with a Vengeance, where they have set up bombs for the teams to deactivate, but end up getting blown up across the film set.

Vin demonstrates the challenge in Shyfall, and gets injured once again after accidentally touching a very powerful security laser. Cody asks if Vin was alright, with Chris saying he would be fine, as Vin was a fast healer.

Vin demonstrates the challenge in The Ways of the Dragon, where he must fight against Izzy, which he is beaten. Chris laughs at Vin getting injured, and says he loves his job, with Vin getting up and yelling that he doesn't love his job. After Chris says it wasn't in Vin's contract to love his job, Vin retorts by saying his contract didn't say he had to talk to him, and storms off.

In Rooby-Roo, Rhere Rre Rou!, Vin has more of a role in the challenge, as he and Chris go into the haunted cottage with the contestants. After Chris is "murdered", the contestants try to figure out would "killed" him, with Noah better $5 that either Heather or Vin killed him, and Vin asking why he would kill Chris, as Chris owed him money. After Noah decides to solve the "murder", Vin acts suspicious, and botches Noah's attempt to lift a fingerprint from the murder weapon. After Noah successfully does get a fingerprint, Vin asks Noah to speak with him privately, and takes him into another room. When they are alone, Vin takes Noah hostage and holds a scalpel to his throat. José comes into the room, and tries to get Vin to put the scalpel down, which Vin does but then pulls out a gun, which is fake. Duncan then sneaks up behind Vin and tackles him, however Vin gets stabbed by the scalpel in the process. Noah then figures out the mystery, and reveals the scalpel is fake and Vin wasn't actually stabbed, and has a squib in his shirt. Chris then comes out and deems Noah the winner, and Vin is visibly unhappy. Chris then reveals that if the contestants were unable to solve the "murder", then he would've given Vin a day off, explaining why Vin was so upset at Noah winning. To make matters worse for Vin, Chris has him clip Noah's toe nails (a running joke throughout the season) as a reward for Noah, which begins Vin's hatred for Noah.

In A Nightmare on Drama Street, Vin is seen in the beginning of the episode in the spa with Noah, Chris, Chef, Arnold, and other unnamed interns. Vin expresses disgust at Noah's feet and asks if he ever washes them, with Noah saying that since Christ doesn't let the contestants shower often, he hasn't, and Vin faints. Chris then calls for Vin to clip his toenails, and Chef calls to him as well. Chris then says the Vin does work hard, possibly showing a hint of praise towards him. After 8 days in the spa, the other contestants go off and do their own things, and end up trashing a part of the Film Lot. Chris then has Vin and Arnold clean up the trashed area during the challenge, and Vin isn't seen for the rest of the episode.

In Gwen White and the Seven Dwarfs, Vin is seen entering the craft services tent with Chris, Chef, Arnold, Harold and Beth. Vin was originally going to be apart of the challenge as one of Chris's "Kings Men", but is tortured by Chris, who put itching powder in his suit, made him do 1,000 push ups, and electrocuted him multiple times, sending him to the infirmary for the rest of the episode. Later on, Chris mentions that he was going to let Vin ask the contestants the riddles for the challenge, but Arnold came up with much better riddles.

In Game of Rock, Vin and Arnold appear alongside Chris as he is getting the contestants to meet up at the big stage in the Film Lot. After being 10 hours late (another recurring gag throughout the series), Duncan yells at Chris and Geoff hallucinates his recently deceased fish, Sparkles. When Chris asks Vin and Arnold what Geoff is talking about, Vin exclaims that he doesn't know or care, while Arnold explains that Sparkles was Geoff's fish. Geoff then slaps Arnold, with Vin being relieved that he wasn't the one being physically abused for once, but Geoff then slaps him too, and Vin exclaims that he spoke too soon. Vin appears at the end of the episode after Geoff is eliminated, and goes to escort Geoff to the Lame-o-Sine. However, Vin is knocked out cold by Geoff, and asks why he's always getting injured when he wakes up, to which Chris said because it was funny. Vin ends off the episode saying that he hates Chris.

In The Oddfather, Ezekiel returns as an intern for the rest of the season, which José asks why, asking if he saw what Vin goes through. Chris then asks the interns to report to the Bank set, to which Vin makes a sarcastic comment. During the challenge, the contestants are put into temporary teams, and José, Heather, and Noah must rob Vin. Heather tries to kiss Vin again, like she did in The Clean Mile, but moves out of the way, saying he wouldn't fall for that again. Heather then just slaps Vin and steals the money from him. When Noah runs out of the Bank set, Vin is seen chasing him. José and Heather drive off, leaving Noah to be chased by Vin. Vin tackles Noah and handcuffs him. Vin then hinders Noah from crossing the finish line until everyone else crosses, forcing Noah to be the last one to cross, and thus eliminating him as revenge for Noah costing Vin a day off from the mystery challenge. After Noah drives off in the Lame-o-sine, Chris begins to end the episode, but notices that Vin hadn't been injured throughout the whole episode, so pulls out a paintball gun and shoots Vin multiple times, causing him to pass out. Chris ends the episode and shoots Vin more.

Vin is mentioned in the beginning of The Sulking Dead, but does not appear otherwise.

In Hard to Thrill, Vin hits Duncan in the head with a hammer, knocking him out cold. He doesn't appear again until the end of the episode, after Heather is eliminated. Vin escorts her to the Lame-o-sine, but she knock him out cold. Chris then laughs at Vin and comments that Vin doesn't know how not to get injured.

Vin appears in TDA Aftermath IV. First he is brought on to talk with Noah and make up with him to boost ratings. Vin questions Geoff on when he started caring about ratings, with Geoff responding since Chris had told him to make more ratings or he was fired, in which Vin says he wished he could get fired. Vin and Noah awkwardly make up, and Brick pushes Vin off stage and breaks his nose, to continue the joke of Vin getting injured in every episode he appears in. Bridgette helps Vin up, and Vin looks lovingly at Bridgette while she tends to his nose. When José is brought out to be interviewed, José says hello to Vin, and Vin says sup, indicating they have a mutual friendship. Later, after Heather and Cody compete to win rewards for Duncan and Gwen for the finale, Vin ends up falling down a trap door with Cody after Geoff gets fed up with Cody's constant complaints, however nobody notices Vin gone. When Geoff wonders where Vin went, Vin yells from the trap door and Bridgette once again helps him by throwing a ladder down to him so he could climb out.

Vin appears in Crashing Bashing M*A*S*Hing and Cashing, when Duncan and Gwen are presented with a cart full of food as a reward for making it to the finale. Vin states he hasn't eaten in days and asks if he could have some food, in which Chris denies him and tells him he can have the crappy leftovers. Vin then watches Duncan and Gwen eat and cries, and Gwen states in the confessional that she feels bad for Vin. Later, Vin and Arnold appear in the challenge, reprising their roles from The Clean Mile challenge. Vin guards Duncan, while Arnold guards Gwen. Duncan makes a deal with Vin, saying that if Vin gives him the key to the prison cell, he will share $15,000 of his winnings if he wins, to which Vin accepts and gives Duncan the key. Vin appears shortly after, licking an ice cream cone. José has an idea to slow the other team down, so he picks Vin up and throws him at the Gwen, and is run over by her, thus ending Vin and José's friendship. Shortly after, Vin and Arnold are tasked with playing Zombies, in reference to The Sulking Dead challenge. José throws Arnold at Vin, and Vin falls on top of Gwen. Duncan laughs at Vin in the confessional, but states that he also feels bad for Vin. Vin doesn't appear again until the end, when Duncan wins the challenge and the season. Duncan only gives Vin $10,000 instead of $15,000, but Duncan intimidates him and Vin accepts that he is getting money at all. He is seen cheering for Duncan.

Vin does not appear in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, however he is mentioned by Harold during a video clip of Harold's Quiz Show. Harold asks Courtney was Chris's favorite thing to do, in which she replies that it is torturing teenagers. Harold says that Chris's favorite thing to do is to torture Vin.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit



  • In Total Drama Action, Vin gets injured in some way in every episode he appears in.